Proud to be Green

At BGL Golf we are committed to understand and continually improve the operation of our business in six key areas of sustainable golf and we are very proud to have become the world’s first multi-site operator to achieve the international sustainability award, GEO Certified®, at each of our venues. A wide-ranging variety of innovative community engagement, nature enhancement and protection and resource efficiency measures in place across BGL’s ten courses are recognised by this prestigious award.  

The following commitments and actions focus on the sustainable operations of our golf facilities.  This on-going focus is intended to improve our business and gain credible recognition for our positive contribution to people and the planet.

Nature, Water and Energy


  • Understanding the wildlife and landscape qualities of the golf course.
  • Protecting and enhancing landscape and biodiversity.


  • Undertaking ecological and landscape surveys and monitoring.
  • Managing appropriately the vegetation and habitats on the course.



  • Reducing water-use, and avoiding all waste.
  • Diversifying water sources, increasing the proportion of reused and recycled water.


  • Monitoring water-use across the clubs, identifying opportunities foe efficiencies or repair, and eliminating excess use.
  • Exploring opportunities to store and use rainwater and wastewater.



  • Reducing energy and fuel consumption, and avoiding all waste.
  • Diversifying energy sources, for machinery and equipment with a focus on adopting renewable technologies.


  • Monitoring consumption across the clubs, identifying opportunities for energy efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Continuing to invest into new renewable energy technology within new equipment and machinery.



Supply Chain, Pollution and Community


  • Purchasing responsibly and reducing unnecessary consumption to reduce transport costs, emissions and waste.
  • Decreasing overall amount of wast and aiming to minimise the waste to landfill.


  • Adopting an ethical and environmental purchasing policy, trading with sustainability led companies, locally when possible.
  • Modifying waste streams across all parts of the clubs to 'reduce, reuse and recycle'.



  • Legal compliance with all relevent local, national and international regulations.
  • Reduce as much as possible the use of fertilizers, pesticides and turf products to essential playing surfaces.


  • Monitoring water quality; treating wastewater discharges; handling, storing and disposing of hazardous materials/equipment carefully.
  • Monitoring and recording use, with emphasis on non-chemical techniques to maintain turf grass health.



  • Promoting the sustainability aims, actions and acheivements of the clubs.
  • Promoting the benefits of playing golf, noth physically and culturally to our customers.


  • Communicating across members, visitors and wider community; and providing staff training.
  • Communicating the benefits to our customer to their health and wellbeing of playing golf.