Golf Membership

For a golf lover, there is nothing quite like being part of a golf club.  Of course it's about playing regular golf on a course your enjoy, but at BGL Golf we believe it's more than that.  Membership is about that warm welcome every time you arrive, it's about camaraderie and freindship, it's about sharing a passion, it's about being part of something special.

Our choice of membership options means that everyone who loves golf has the opportunity to be part of something special.  Whether you're young or old, an expert or a beginner, an 'addict' or just a 'weekender', we'er sure you'll find a membership option to suit you at BGL Golf.

One Membership - 22 Golf Courses

Burhill Golf Club the Flagship Property of BGL Golf

Joining you local BGL Golf club offers you so much more than access to the local facilities.  You can enjoy discounted golf at all BGL Golf venues across the UK, including the prestigious Burhill Golf Club, our flagship property. BGL Golf currently operates 22 golf courses across 10 locations.

Membership Categories

Everyone can enjoy being part of a golf club, thanks to the variety of membership categories available at BGL Golf venues.  Whether you are an avid golfer, a weekender, a beginner or a child, we can offer you a golf membership to suit you.

Our standard membership categories include 7-Day, 5-Day and Junior.  We also offer discounted memberships for young players and students (18 to 25 years of age) making membership more affordable during student life or whilst stepping out into life away from home.  For beginners or for golf lovers who don't have time to play a full round of golf, we offer a short course membership.

We like to make things as easy for you as possible, that's why we offer three different payment options.  You can pay for your whole year's membership in one lump sum, pay a monthly direct debit, or we can offer a 'pay as you go' membership*, which consists of a low cost subscription and then a discounted green fee each time you play.

For further information, please contact your local BGL Golf venue.

*Excludes Burhill Golf Club.